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About TWPCLearn

TWPCLearn is an online learning platform founded by The WorkPlace Centre Limited. We are an accredited training Organization that offers a wide range of customized courses and certifications. Our ELearning hub is user-friendly, flexible and seamless to ensure that individuals and organizations get the best learning experience.


We offer a combination of soft skills and tech courses in digital classrooms that are engaging to encourage continuous learning. TWPCLearn support individuals and teams in developing the skills and behaviors they need to achieve high performance for career and personal growth now and in an ever evolving digital future.


Improving your skills and experience

Improving your skills and increasing the amount of experience that you have at the workplace is very essential. This development can be achieved at advancing your potentials, increase employability, improve quality of life and lead to the realization of your goals.


With our eLearning platform, individuals are able to learn at their own pace without distractions. This also affords them the opportunity to improve on their technology skills, which is a key component in today’s digital age. The ability to study on your own schedule and to manage the pace of your learning experience through e-learning, also defines the process of personal management.


Getting It Done

Our goal is to ensure a successful completion and understanding of courses in a convenient digital environment. Online learning requires time self-discipline, management skills, willpower and resilient motivation, as it may be challenging for online learners to successfully complete their eLearning courses. TWPCLearn promises to guide you all the way to ensure your eLearning journey leads you to a successful career destination.


Define your path

Our learning path offers you the opportunity to master and complete a sequence of courses in small steps. It gives you a better understanding of the topic and provides us the opportunity to identify your learning needs. These paths give you control over your eLearning experience, where you can monitor your progress and be guaranteed a successful completion of the course series. Our courses are arranged in the order of learning to guide you as you progress in your career path. Our learning paths include engaging courseware, quizzes and exams for certification. Begin your professional career path here.


Knowledge is Power

We believe in blended learning to create the ambience of a traditional yet digital environment for our users. Our community allows our users to participate in discussions and forums to better improve their learning and talk about their experience in order to improve our services.


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